Hailibu was an honest and kind-hearted Mongolian hunter. He often helped people and was well liked by his fellow villagers.


One day, Hailibu went into the mountains hunting. Suddenly, he heard cries for help coming from the sky. 


Looking up, he saw that an eagle was flying by with a little white snake clutched in its talons. He quickly readied his bow and shot the eagle. The eagle was badly hurt, and, dropping the snake, flew away.


The little white snake was the dragon king’s daughter. To express his thanks to Hailibu, the dragon king gave the gem in his mouth to Hailibu. 


The white snake told Hailibu, "When this gem is in your mouth, you will be able to understand the languages of all animals. However, what they say is only to be known by you. If you tell others what you hear, you will be turned into a stone.”


With this magic gem, hunting became much easier. He put the stone in his mouth, and could understand the languages of every bird and animal. 

从此以后,他得到的猎物就更多了,也能帮助更多的人了。但没人知道他有宝石这件事情。 就这样几年过去了。

In this way, he knew which mountain had which kind of animal. He was able to successfully hunt more game, and so was also able to help more people. Several years passed in this way.


One day while hunting, he heard a flock of birds discussing something. 


Upon listening more carefully, he heard the leader of the flock say, "Let’s leave here immediately! It’s going to be flooded tonight, the mountain will collapse and everything will be submerged. Many people will die."


Hailibu was shocked by this news. He rushed back to the village at once, and told the others, "Let’s move to another place, we cannot live here any longer!" 


Everyone thought this very strange. They thought the place they currently live was great. Why should they move? No matter how anxious Hailibu was and how hard he urged them to move, no one would believe him. 


He cried, saying, "I swear, what I am saying is completely true. Believe me, and move immediately, or it will be too late!" 


An old man said to him, "Hailibu, we are good neighbors, and we know you have never told a lie. But today you ask us to leave here without giving any reasons. 


Have lived at the foot of this mountain for many generations. It is not so easy to move a group of old and young people."


Hailihu knew he would not be able to persuade them unless he told them the truth. If he waited any longer, the impending disaster would kill everyone in his village. 


He realized that to save everyone, he would have to sacrifice himself. He said calmly to all of the villagers, "The village is going to be flooded tonight. Look, all the birds have flown away?" 


Then he told them how he obtained the magic gem, what he heard from the birds, and why he was not supposed to tell others what he had heard—he told them the whole story.


As soon as he had told them this, he turned into a stone and could no longer move.


Seeing this, the villagers were lull of sorrow and regret. With eyes full of tears and thinking of Hailibu, they packed their things and left for a faraway place. 


On the way, they heard a huge noise. The floodwater gushed forth, submerging their village.


After the floodwater receded, the villagers found the stone Hailibu had turned into, and put it on top of a hill in memory of him. It is said that today you can still find that stone called "Hailibu".


1.猎人 hunter

2.打猎 to hunt

3.老鹰 eagle

4.弓箭 bow and arrow

5.宝石 precious stone

6. to keep in mouth

7.淹没 to inundate

8.大吃一惊 to jump out of one's skin

9.焦急 worried, anxious

10.催促 to hasten, to hurry

11.发誓 to swear

12.千真万确 absolutely true

13. generation

14.灾难 disaster

15.镇定 composed

16.原原本本 from the beginning to the end

17. to gush 



Mongol is a legendary ethnic group with a long history. They live mainly in the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. Animal husbandry has long been the main economic form of Mongolians for living and development, which has now been replaced by farming. The Mongolians are good at dancing, singing, horse-riding, wrestling and archery and are thus known as the "Ethnic Group on Horseback".


Dragon is the totem of the Chinese people. The Dragon King is a god who can summon the rain clouds and pour down rain in the ancient folk legends.