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Once upon a time, a family in the State of Chu made sacrificial offerings to their ancestors. Afterward they rewarded those who had helped in the ceremony with a pot of wine left.


Many people had helped but only one pot of wine. If the wine was to be shared evenly, everybody could only get a little. Who should drink it?


After much discussion, one suggested, "If the pot of wine is to be shared by all, there is not enough; but if it is to be enjoyed by one person, he can drink to his hearths content. 


Why not contest for the wine by drawing a snake on the ground? The one who finishes first wins the pot of wine."


Everybody thought it was a good idea. So they started to draw on the ground at the same time.


One of them drew very fast and completed his drawing in a while. According to the rule of the contest, the bottle of wine would belong to him. 


When he was ready to drink, he looked around to check others’ situations. Finding they were far behind, he said in an elated manner, with the pot in his left hand and brush pen in the right, "You are drawing so slowly. Let me take my time to add some feet to my snake!”


Then he started to add one foot after another to his snake. When he was about to add the fourth foot, another person finished his picture and immediately snatched the wine pot from him.


"Hey, it is me who finished the drawing first!" shouted he. "How can you grab my wine?"


The person who finished the second replied, "You should know that the snake has no feet at all, how could you add feet to it? With feet on it, can it be called a snake? 


As what you have drawn is not a snake, you have not finished your job. So it is me who finished first, not you. I have every right to drink wine.”


Having said this, that person drank the whole pot of wine with an easy conscience.


This story tells us that we may waste our effort or even spoil things by doing what is superfluous.